Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Little Glass Pot

I got these little glass pots ,They hold about 1 ounce.I have filled them with Body Balm,a salve that you can put anywhere on your body. Like an elbow or a knee or your heel.Small enough to put in your purse and cute enough to put on your vanity table.
Body Balm is just a fancy way of saying salve. But if you have a rough elbow or ashy knees this Balm will fix that!I have been know to put this salve on my blemishes,or even a bug bite.The Body Balm smells wonderful too . I have a Black Jassmine.or a Watermelon,or a Blackberry,but I can do any scent.The Little Glass Pot really make it seem special as well !! Great for a small gift!!! If you would want an empty pot, I have many to choose from, green, blue,red,black.All Natural Body Balm with the healing herb Slippery Elm !!!!

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