Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Little Glass Pot

I got these little glass pots ,They hold about 1 ounce.I have filled them with Body Balm,a salve that you can put anywhere on your body. Like an elbow or a knee or your heel.Small enough to put in your purse and cute enough to put on your vanity table.
Body Balm is just a fancy way of saying salve. But if you have a rough elbow or ashy knees this Balm will fix that!I have been know to put this salve on my blemishes,or even a bug bite.The Body Balm smells wonderful too . I have a Black Jassmine.or a Watermelon,or a Blackberry,but I can do any scent.The Little Glass Pot really make it seem special as well !! Great for a small gift!!! If you would want an empty pot, I have many to choose from, green, blue,red,black.All Natural Body Balm with the healing herb Slippery Elm !!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


These are some of the best lip balms I have ever used....not saying that just because I made them either!!! Most lip balms burn my lips and I am very sensitive to most face creams. IF I have a spot or blimish on my face I also hit it with these lip balms.IT's a high Quality salve with lots of vitamin E oil.The scents are from candy favorings or Scents that are edible.I have blackberry and watermellon and dark chocolate,peppermint.But I can do any flavor.I love the little tubs better then the stick containers.That way if I want to use the balm on a blimish I can get a finger full.Also the tight lid in the little tubs is more airtight and the balm last longer.
AS with everything I make there is slippery elm bark powder in these lip balms,which make for soft supple lips,This herb just blows me away everytime I use it.IT really rebuilds what you have lost in your skin,and helps it to be smooth and soft again !!!and Heals, ya know those red lips ,the cracked ones, the painful ones. IT Heals those.Amazing just Amazing...... it is not me or my's the slippery elm!!
soyflower oil
cottonseed oil
olive oil
vitamin e oil
slippery elm bark powder
candy flavor
bees wax
color wax non-toxic


This is my Slipper elm cream.I have been told by a few people that this is a wonderful makeup remover. Also it helps with the wrinkles around the forehead.MY sister says she puts the cream on her face over her makeup,then waits a minute,then removes the excess cream with a tissue.Kim (my sister)says all of her make up comes off in one pass and also her face feels wonderful after!!!I use the cream on my face as well , My forehead is very dry and since I have been using it I do have less wrinkles there as well as smooth skin!!!
I can make this cream with any scent or with no scent at all!!!
LOT of vitamin E and lots of slippery elm bark powder in this!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

GoldenWillowProducts price list

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Been awhile !!!

Well it has been awhile since I last Bloggered anything.... is that a word bloggered ? LOL IDK! Well I have been working on all my other things like Facebook,mobsters,Myspace,and trying to lose weight .I have not been making to much product these days either. I haven't had a sale in awhile. I'm looking at some new venues.Like maybe working some shea butter or ccocbutter creams, I bought this awesome body butter from a friend, had shea butter in it ,can't wait to try it.I also bought some Guinness Beer shampoo soap, and wow it's works awesome.I have been studying up on some new ways to make my creams and salves .I have also been doing the stinging nettle infusion drink .IT really helps with energy.Also with focusing on tasks.I have been twittering a lot as well,lots of nice people and great contacts. If you don't twitter you should.I will be dropping by more often added new stuff. like movie picks and music picks.I hope you all join me.I would like to get more traffic going on my blog so if you have any ideas I would love to hear em!!!
Thanks so much Tammy(goldenwillow)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Loofah Sponge Soap.

One of the best things you can do for your skin (other than to use a quality soap) is to exfoliate. It helps rid your skin of dead cells and promote the growth of new ones. Many of you have tried using Natural Exfoliants in your soap already. One of the most popular (and easy) exfoliants to use in your soap is loofah. (It's also often spelled luffa or loofa...but it's all the same plant.)
Loofahs can be used in either cold process or melt and pour soap. You can use it in slices, ground up, or whole. This project uses melt and pour soap base and a 12" piece of loofah in a 3" pvc pipe mold.

This is not one of my soaps I am hoping to make some though!!!!!but you're skin will be so soft and so wonderful I wanted to show this soap.
you can find a bar of soap like this on etsy .com or on or on Handmade

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just what is glycerin soap????

It has always bugged me when I've been at a craft show or in a soap shop and the salesperson has said, "Our soaps are all natural glycerin soaps." Or, "Our soaps are better because they're glycerin soaps." I can't quite say, "You don't know what you're talking about." They're basically right...but the term glycerin soap is really a misnomer. All real soap is glycerin soap. I repeat, all real soap (not made with synthetic detergents) is essentially glycerin soap. Glycerin is a byproduct of the soap making process. Oils + lye (with some water) = soap + glycerin What many people call glycerin soap is actually transparent soap. Transparent soap is real soap just goes through a hot process where sugar and/or alcohol are added as "solvents" to keep the soap crystals from becoming opaque. Without this crystallization, the soap remains clear. You could take just about any of your soap recipes and adjust the process to make them transparent. (Naturally, some recipes will work better than others...but that's basically the case.) The picture is of my honey soap which is a clear soap.The honey glycerin soap is a wonderful soap that really makes your skin soft.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Melt and Pour Soap

This is a nice 4 oz bar of soapI made. Making soap is so easy if you do the melt and pour method.I buy all my soap bases from bramble berry soap company(i have a link in my links) When i get my soap base,I pick one(like) olive oil base or shea butter base.Then you melt it in the micro-wave or the lb I do in the micro-wave 5 mins,but test your microwave not to ruin your soap base.I then add color wax. a non toxic wax colorant,Then I mix in slippery elm and vitamin e oil(but of course you don't have to do that)I do recommend the vitamin e oil though it really makes the soap soft to your skin.I use about 4 or 5 drops to one pound of base.Then once it has color and the added oils and herbs then I add a scent as well,I like flowery scents but you can use anything.(as long as it is for the skin,not a burning oil or a candle oil)again about 4 or 5 drops per pound of base.Then I put it in molds.I have molds I bought at craft stores and molds I bought on-line.YOU can pretty much do about any shape you want.
if while you were adding all your things to your soap it started getting hard ,don't worry just put it back in the microwave for 1 or 2 mins and then stir it all up then pour it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


This company was started to help myself and others with dry cracked skin,or sore red skin,but mostly just people who needed help stopping the itch and pain.I thought this would be a good place to tell how I work and what my process is.When I get ready to make a new batch of cream or lip balm or salve. clean up my work space so it's nice and clean and then I start with clean bowls and clean wooden spoons.I then put on rubber gloves(ya know like resturant people wear) then mix my solids of oils ,cottonseed oils, soy flower seed oils, olives oils,if I am making a slippery elm cream at this time I also put it in the bowl(which is a over safe french white bowl)also I add bees wax(shredded)Then for 4 hours this cooks in a low temp,oven (250).So all the oils and the herb infuse into a golden beautiful liquid.Once you stir it though it turns a little brown because the slippery elm bark powder is lite brown.Then I add vitamin E oil,and whatever scent I am going to use.I stir and let stand until this mixture is completely cold,Then I whip it just like icing,but for a really long time.Until my mixture looks like a beauty cream.The vitamin E and the slippery elm and the all natural bees wax makes this cream a huge hit!!! it is so soft and smooth, like a store bought top notch cream.Plus no chemicals!!! that's The gift you get when you make your own or you buy mine.NO CHEMICALS.My scents are all natural also,if I do color something I use a wax non-toxic colorant.But all of my creams I do not color, if there seems to be a color that's just the natural look of bees wax or slippery elm or white willow bark,or licorice root,or ginger root.I make a borage oil cream also same base except I don't use slippery elm in it,only the natural oils and borage oil and vitamin e oil.I have had so many people tell me this cream really help them with redness and itching,even if it didn't stop the outbreak it made it bearable.
A lot of people use the salve on their feet and then wear white socks to bed, by morning this wonderful salve has made the heels and toes soft as silk.
I just wanted to tell alittle bit about how I make my products and please feel free to ask me anything!!!!!! Thanks Tammy ,goldenwillow

Friday, December 5, 2008



Smooth and creamy, Nice for dry skin,also It will reduce scrapes and scratches.This cream is one in a million. It will heal all types of skin problems including extreme dry skin and sore patches.I have never been more proud of something I have made then this cream.The scent is awesome too.You get a full 4oz.and all the love I can send with it!!!!
All the slippery elm creams will heal the skin.No matter what scents I put in them.

The pictures of my husband's arm were after he had went berry pickin. He was covered in scratches and he is diabetic,so those scratches would normally be there for at lease a month.The first picture was the day he got home.The second picture was just 5 days later.


made this for myself,I have a bad knee and it hurts all the time.SO I made up this cream. It is packed full of White Willow Bark,Ginger Root,Licorice Root,I did not put Slippery Elm Bark Powder in this because the White Willow Bark really does the job.The Licorice Root gets a little warm and It's so nice and soothing .The Ginger Root helps with blood vessels in your skin and muscles. This cream is for joint or muscle pain.Not intended for chronic pain.Just for the soreness you get after a long day. The cream tends to warm up then make it lose. I can sleep after putting this cream on my knee.
White Willow is what they put in Aspirin back in the day.SO if you are allergic to aspirin PLEASE DO NOT USE.You get a 8oz jar that should last you a good long time.


Coco butter based, Slippery elm and Balsam Peru Oil.
A wonderful unscented no color bar of soap.
Wonderful for baby or just someone who has rashes,or got into the poison ivy.
The Coco Butter is so nice lots of softness and lather, You really do not need a scent with the Balsam Peru oil and Slippery Elm, gives the soap a nice vanilla,woodsy scent.
Peru Oil is great for skin and rashes and is gentle enough for a baby.
Balsam Peru oil is expensive, but it will be so worth it.
2, 3oz bars

cocobutter base
coconut oil
palm oil
castor oil
safflower oil
glycerin(kosher,of veggie origin)
coco butter (unrefined)
purified water
sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent)
sorbitol (moisturizer)
sorbitan oleate (emulsifier)
soy bean protien (conditioner)
titanium dioxide(white agent)


This is a clean soft salve,great for your skin.You can use it anywhere on your body.IT is so safe and so jammed packed with goodness. All natural .People have asked for a no scent ,no colors,nothing added:so here it is!!!
4oz jar.IT has slippery elm and bees wax and vitamin e oil,then the base is cottonseed oil and soy flower oil and olive oil.One pure salve.


Borage Oil cream is for eczema and psoriasis.I make this cream for all ,children can use it , men and women.If you look at most eczema creams it has some borage oil in it, But my lotion is jammed packed with it.I also put a lot of vitamin E oil in it.
This lotion will help the redness and the itchiness.It's a soft creamy cream.This 6oz jar will last you a good long time because it only takes a little to get the job done.Nothing in this cream should hurt anyone,gentle enough to put on the face even.
Borage oil has also been used to treat people with atopic dermatitis (eczema)and psoriasis in preliminary trials, with reductions in skin inflammation, dryness, scaliness, and itch, without side effects being reported.
I must say : this is not a cure, you will always have break outs or bad days, but this cream will surly help you through those times.
It will help with scars ,reduce them some and make them softer and less noticeable.
I made up this 6oz jar, and filled it to the top so it is really more like 7 oz,so lots of soft supple cream to use.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Herbal Healing Cream

I made this cream with the skin as my driving force.I wanted a cream that does it all.I got it here just for you!!!!
The Ginger Root:helps with blood vessels and muscles and opening them up.
The Borage Oil: Reduction of skin Inflammation,Dryness,Scaliness and itch.
The Slippery Elm :Rebuilds cells and regrowth of cells in the skin.
The Balsam Peru Oil:Helps with skin rashes and skin redness.
The Chamomile: Just a great scent to make you smell wonderful as well as feel spectacular.
The other ingredients:
cottonseed oil
soy flower oil
bees wax
vitamin e oil