Sunday, May 17, 2009


These are some of the best lip balms I have ever used....not saying that just because I made them either!!! Most lip balms burn my lips and I am very sensitive to most face creams. IF I have a spot or blimish on my face I also hit it with these lip balms.IT's a high Quality salve with lots of vitamin E oil.The scents are from candy favorings or Scents that are edible.I have blackberry and watermellon and dark chocolate,peppermint.But I can do any flavor.I love the little tubs better then the stick containers.That way if I want to use the balm on a blimish I can get a finger full.Also the tight lid in the little tubs is more airtight and the balm last longer.
AS with everything I make there is slippery elm bark powder in these lip balms,which make for soft supple lips,This herb just blows me away everytime I use it.IT really rebuilds what you have lost in your skin,and helps it to be smooth and soft again !!!and Heals, ya know those red lips ,the cracked ones, the painful ones. IT Heals those.Amazing just Amazing...... it is not me or my's the slippery elm!!
soyflower oil
cottonseed oil
olive oil
vitamin e oil
slippery elm bark powder
candy flavor
bees wax
color wax non-toxic

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