Saturday, December 6, 2008


This company was started to help myself and others with dry cracked skin,or sore red skin,but mostly just people who needed help stopping the itch and pain.I thought this would be a good place to tell how I work and what my process is.When I get ready to make a new batch of cream or lip balm or salve. clean up my work space so it's nice and clean and then I start with clean bowls and clean wooden spoons.I then put on rubber gloves(ya know like resturant people wear) then mix my solids of oils ,cottonseed oils, soy flower seed oils, olives oils,if I am making a slippery elm cream at this time I also put it in the bowl(which is a over safe french white bowl)also I add bees wax(shredded)Then for 4 hours this cooks in a low temp,oven (250).So all the oils and the herb infuse into a golden beautiful liquid.Once you stir it though it turns a little brown because the slippery elm bark powder is lite brown.Then I add vitamin E oil,and whatever scent I am going to use.I stir and let stand until this mixture is completely cold,Then I whip it just like icing,but for a really long time.Until my mixture looks like a beauty cream.The vitamin E and the slippery elm and the all natural bees wax makes this cream a huge hit!!! it is so soft and smooth, like a store bought top notch cream.Plus no chemicals!!! that's The gift you get when you make your own or you buy mine.NO CHEMICALS.My scents are all natural also,if I do color something I use a wax non-toxic colorant.But all of my creams I do not color, if there seems to be a color that's just the natural look of bees wax or slippery elm or white willow bark,or licorice root,or ginger root.I make a borage oil cream also same base except I don't use slippery elm in it,only the natural oils and borage oil and vitamin e oil.I have had so many people tell me this cream really help them with redness and itching,even if it didn't stop the outbreak it made it bearable.
A lot of people use the salve on their feet and then wear white socks to bed, by morning this wonderful salve has made the heels and toes soft as silk.
I just wanted to tell alittle bit about how I make my products and please feel free to ask me anything!!!!!! Thanks Tammy ,goldenwillow

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