Friday, December 5, 2008


made this for myself,I have a bad knee and it hurts all the time.SO I made up this cream. It is packed full of White Willow Bark,Ginger Root,Licorice Root,I did not put Slippery Elm Bark Powder in this because the White Willow Bark really does the job.The Licorice Root gets a little warm and It's so nice and soothing .The Ginger Root helps with blood vessels in your skin and muscles. This cream is for joint or muscle pain.Not intended for chronic pain.Just for the soreness you get after a long day. The cream tends to warm up then make it lose. I can sleep after putting this cream on my knee.
White Willow is what they put in Aspirin back in the day.SO if you are allergic to aspirin PLEASE DO NOT USE.You get a 8oz jar that should last you a good long time.

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