Thursday, October 16, 2008

Herbal Healing Cream

I made this cream with the skin as my driving force.I wanted a cream that does it all.I got it here just for you!!!!
The Ginger Root:helps with blood vessels and muscles and opening them up.
The Borage Oil: Reduction of skin Inflammation,Dryness,Scaliness and itch.
The Slippery Elm :Rebuilds cells and regrowth of cells in the skin.
The Balsam Peru Oil:Helps with skin rashes and skin redness.
The Chamomile: Just a great scent to make you smell wonderful as well as feel spectacular.
The other ingredients:
cottonseed oil
soy flower oil
bees wax
vitamin e oil


Berry Blue Creations Handmade Items said...

This looks awesome! Love, berrybluecreations

swiekysiggies said...

Ooh, this looks WONDERFUL! I'm going to have to heart it on Etsy, because between me and my husband, we're becoming two old crochity farts! :)